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Latest Papers 

Mar 2023 Some of Fahad and Garret's work on CDA protected glucuroic acid chemistry has now been published in Organic Letters.

Jan 2023 Saravanan's paper on amide modifications of glucuronic acid has been published in Carbohydr. Res.


May 2023 Ramy's heterocyclic anticancer lead compounds paper is in press in J Mol Structure.

Recent Postgraduate Awards and Graduations

May 2023 Congratulations to Rio who has successfully passed his MPhil examination!

July 2022 Congratulations to Olivia who has successfully defended his PhD Thesis and graduated in the July ceremony..our first in person post-COVID!

In other news

Manchester 10K completed on 21 May 2023  with strapped up calf and dodgy hip. Nearly pulled out at 2K but plodded along and managed to limp round in 70 mins.

Raising funds for the British Heart Foundation

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