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John M Gardiner,

B.Sc., PhD., F.R.S.C. (Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry) 

Senior Lecturer

School of Chemistry,

The University of Manchester

Lecturer / Senior Lecturer

Department of Chemistry, UMIST


University of Aston School of Pharmaceutical Science

Postdoctoral Fellow / Visiting Reseacher

University of California, Los Angeles

Lab of Prof. Mike Jung.

Nucleoside synthesis/carbohydrate chemistry/asymmetric synthesis - new routes developed to anti-viral nucleoside analogues.

PhD and BSc

PhD, University of Durham with Prof. M. R. Bryce.

Stereoselective natural product total synthesis related to anti-cancer alkaloid, Cephalotaxine

BSc First Class, University of Durham

Pemberton Scholar: Highest University-wide Finals Part 1

Harrison Shearer Prize for Chemistry: Highest Chemistry Overall 

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