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Gardiner Group

About Our Lab

We are part of the Department of Chemistry, School of Natural Sciences. We are part of the Organic Chemistry Research Group. 

Our research has interests in synthetic and biological-relevant chemistry encompassing methodology, target synthesis, carbohydrate chemistry and uses for chemical biology, biocatalysis, polyaromatics and heterocyclic chemistry.  

Our lab has developed new routes to complex heparin-related oligosaccharides, including the first gram scale routes to 12-mers, access to the longest heparin-related oligomers (up to 40-mer) and identifying single site sulfation control of in vitro and in vivo biology. Our previous work in glycosaminoglycan synthesis has been highlighted in both Chemistry World and ACS Chem &Eng. News.  Our research on oligosaccharide-related targets and new applications / techniques for their use for bio-interactions studies and towards biomedical uses. We also have interests in carbohydrate methodology, reactivity and mechanisms.

We also have experience in modified terpenoid synthesis through synthesis + biocatalysis, for example for synthetic non-natural terpenoid new chiral synthons or polymer precursors.

Highlight Papers

Paper 1

A block iterative synthesis extends heparin-like oligosaccharides into the super-long providing the first access up to 40-mers.

Paper 2

A single site sulfate change in synthetic 12-mer oligosaccharides provides a dramatic toggle between biological effects on two chemokine  IL8 and SDF-1a

Paper 3

Large scale synthesis of synthesis HS 12-mer with an end group enables radiolabeling and discrete pharmokinetic studies

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